Attendance System using Barcode, Smartphones & Google Sheets

NBS Use Case: Tracking Attendance

Keeping track of student attendance can be time consuming and inefficient when entering in by hand manually. Going digital reduces time spent taking roll and reduces human error. Using the Netkiller Barcode Scanner automatically records student ID, time in, and more!

Whether you are looking for a method to take roll-call for everyday use or for mandatory exam dates, tracking student attendance is fast, easy, and efficient with the Netkiller Barcode Scanner. Instructors create an attendance form, have students scan their student ID barcode at the beginning of class, and attendance is recorded directly onto the linked Google Spreadsheet stored in the instructor’s Google Drive. To make changes to the student’s status, the information entered in can be updated by rescanning a Student ID, or making changes directly on the Google Spreadsheet.

Getting Started
First, launch the Netkiller Barcode Scanner application. The application can be accessed a few ways.

  1. Chrome Web Store
Access the Google Chrome Web Store and search “Netkiller Barcode Scanner”. Click on the app and select [Visit Website]

  1. Enter browser web address
The app can also be quickly launched by entering on your mobile or desktop browser

  1. App Store
The Netkiller Barcode Scanner app is available for install in Apple App Store. Simply search “Netkiller Barcode Scanner” in the app store on your iOS device.

When launching the application, the Netkiller Barcode Scanner will request access permission to your Google Drive. To successfully launch the application, click [Allow].

Next, Click “Create New Spreadsheet from Dynamic Form”

For this Use Case, we will be creating a form designed for keeping records of Student Attendance.

① Design an Attendance Form
Instructors design an attendance fill-out form for students. The form pops up each time a student scans their student ID barcode. The student barcode number and time of scan is automatically filled out. Student manually types in their name and select IN / OUT status.

After design is complete, you can preview the designed form:

Clicking [OK], and [Complete and Save] officially uses the designed form for your mobile scans. When a form is created, the Netkiller Barcode Scanner automatically creates a Google Spreadsheet in your Google Drive to record the data for your mobile scans.

You may rename your Google Spreadsheet from the default title “Netkiller Barcode Scanner_2.0” to a title suited for your purposes.

For this use case, our spreadsheet is renamed to “Student Attendance”

Optional: If creating a class roster, enter in the student number associated with barcode in Barcode column, and student name under Student Name column. When doing this, scanning the student’s barcode will automatically pull up their name via mobile. If no roster is created on the Google Spreadsheet beforehand, scanning Student Barcode via mobile will simply require entering in student name at the time of scan the first time.

Scan Student ID Barcode
When students arrive to class, the instructor scans Students’ IDs, or the students scan their barcode with the instructor’s mobile device (designated smartphone, tablet, etc). The student ID, name, and time of scan is automatically entered. For new students, or if there was no roaster created on the Google Spreadsheet initially, the form via mobile will require filling in the Student Name associated with the barcode number. The instructor or student selects IN / OUT status with the drop down menu.

When the student presses [Submit Changes] via mobile form, the information is automatically recorded onto the Google spreadsheet previously renamed to “Student Attendance” in the instructor’s Google Drive.

③ Rescan to Update Changes

Rescanning a Student ID barcode via mobile will pull the previous entered information and display on the mobile screen. Modifications to the information can be made. Rescanning a Student ID allows updating information such as changing the student attendance status from “IN” to “OUT”.

The Netkiller Barcode Scanner can be used to take student attendance. It benefits the instructor by saving time and conveniently storing attendance data in the instructor’s Google Drive. Changes and modifications to the entered information are possible for flexibility.

10 ways Chrome Management Console is beneficial for your Chromebook management

Google Chromebooks are gaining traction for use in schools. Google licences with online Management Console for Chromebooks as add-ons to Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education management console have created great value for device control. The web-based management console makes it easy to setup and control a vast number of devices and users.

Control settings allow management of WiFi passwords, VPN networks, and pre-installed Chrome apps and extensions. Administrators can apply these settings and desired applications for their entire organization or to specific organizational units.

Here are 10 reasons why Chrome Management Console (CMC) is essential for your organization to effectively manage Chromebooks.

1. Setup Device Settings with Chrome Management Console
It only takes one administrator to quickly setup a number of Chromebooks all from the Chrome Management Console and just seconds for users to login to their Google account to begin using the web!

2. Pre-install and block apps
The Management Console allows the administrator of Chromebooks to pre-install apps and extensions and even blacklist or whitelist specific apps, extensions and URLs. Chromebooks can be loaded with helpful apps and extensions for its intended users and block any websites that may be unwanted during user-browsing.

3. Control User Access
This feature gives the administrator complete control over who uses the organization’s Chrome devices. Outside users can be prevented from logging onto the devices by disabling the Guest Mode feature, or even by designating specific users in your organization to be authorized to use a Chromebook.

4. Create User Groups
With the User Groups feature, different policies, pre-installed apps, and settings can be applied to different sets of users. This ensures Chromebooks are customizable for its intended group of users.

5. Configure Network Access
Setup Chromebooks’ network and security settings to securely connect your users in the Management Console. Setting up network and proxy settings makes it easy for users to connect to the web and be protected by web filters and firewalls when operating devices.

6. Customize User Features
This feature allows you to customize Chromebooks for different users with settings such as bookmarks and app sync, and even brand your devices with custom Chrome themes.

7. Many use cases beyond ordinary Business and School use
You can create a kiosk app for a single function, e.g. having customer fill out a credit application, fill out a survey in a store, or student registration information. Also, they can be used for digital signage displays. Public Session kiosks can be set up for locations, e.g. employee break room, store displays, or as a shared device in a library, where login is not needed to use the Chrome device.

8. Perpetual license
This license makes it yours forever. It is not a subscription. The price is $30 for education, $150 for commercial per device.  Also, the license is transferrable so if you need to replace old Chromebooks with new ones, you can transfer the Chrome license to new devices.

9. Everything is stored in the cloud
CMC is fully integrated into the Chromebooks. Devices can be assigned to users and the administrator can get configuration and usage reports. No hard drive or RAM required, making Chromebooks light and portable with all your data neatly stored in your Google Drive.

10. 24/7 Support Included
You can contact Google for Work Support to report a Chrome Device Management issue using the Google for Work Support Center. If you do not already have an Google for Work Support Center account, please contact your company IT administrator and have them enable access to the Support Center.

The Chrome Management Console is highly valuable for device control for schools and companies. Instructors and employers can pre-install apps and extensions allowing customization for intended users with the ability to control and disable unwanted web browsing. Chromebooks’ portability and reliability makes it convenient device for students and employees while ensuring administrators the security of management and device control. Benefit with Chromebooks for your organization today!

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